Canon IJ Setup | |

Use setup to set up your Canon product. Find inkjet Canon printer and scanner support here.

Requirements for Canon IJ Setup:

  1. After you have completed the setup of your printer Make sure you keep details of the model numbers for your printer handy.

  2. Be sure your computer as well as laptop is just big enough in space for storage so that a smooth driver installation is completed.

  3. Make sure that the printer is properly connected to the power outlet.

  4. Your device is running and high-speed internet connection.

  5. Make sure that the network you’re using is running WPA or WPA2 security protocol.

Configure and set up the Canon inkjet printer hardware

Once you are done with software set up using canon site, the other step to start printing is printer hardware set up. Unless you don’t set up the hardware, it’s difficult to start printing; therefore, follow steps to configure the canon inkjet printer;

  1. Make sure you have installed Canon ij setup from and set up correctly.

  2. Now, the initial hardware screen will show you some instructions, hence jump to the next steps.

  3. Choose the language, read the cartridge installation instructions, and follow them.

  4. Open the feed slot cover, move the paper guides and load 2 Paper sheets your get in the rear tray.

  5. Against the edges of the paper, slide the left and right paper guides.

  6. Close ‘feed slot cover’ and open ‘output tray’ of paper.

  7. Pull out the output tray extension, choose Execute, select Align Print Head.

  8. Remove the paper after print and press the cancel button if the orange light flashes.

  9. Exit after the configuration completion.